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“Featured Artist – August, 2013…After listening to (‘J.J. Crowne’) I was indeed totally blown away… Only in recent years has this musical wizard stepped out on his own for all the world to see and hear what contemporary excellence in music is all about.” – Songwriters’ Net Best Magazine (August 2013)

“Nominated 2013 CD Of The Year…this CD has something for just about everyone…an impressive, passionate, poppy, hooky 10 song release that is sure to be a hit…J.J. Crowne is a world-class singer/songwriter possessing a passionate pop personality clearly worthy of worldwide recognition.” – Indie Music Digest (Sept 15, 2013)

“”Toy Soldiers’ Awarded Best Song  & ‘J.J. Crowne’ Best Album  (Folk/Singer-Songwriter category)  J.J. Crowne delivers this haunting tale with just the right combination of spare acoustic instrumentation and profound lyrics… Beautiful, textured acoustic layers, a distinct voice and expert songwriting characterize this excellent collection of songs.”- The Akademia Music Awards, Beverly Hills, CA (October, 2013)

“A stunning collection of music that slowly runs the gamut and has much to offer…intellectually stimulating lyrics providing a very real and powerful source of inspiration.” – Rock ‘n Roll View (Sept 24, 2013)

“A complex, amazing and dramatic album… that literally made my day…It’s subliminal, it’ epic, it’s a grand concept that’s sure to get your attention.”  All What’s Rock Webzine (Sept 24, 2013)

“A passionate and timely musical and lyrical vision… a powerhouse career statement.”- New York Times Music Contributor Phil Sweetland (August,  2012)

“Crowne masterfully navigates with sheer precision through his world class songwriting style…well-suited for audiences that enjoy all the conventions of worldly pop music… Expect great things from J.J. Crowne as his fanbase expands past Florida. There’s obviously a disgruntled audience out there just waiting for him to arrive.” – Skope Magazine (Sept. 24, 2013)

“He has surpassed what many consider the a-typical pop-rock release in 2013.  Crowne dares to bring in elements of  old school pop – which is what we need right now to break up this pop monotony…This CD is in itself a life’s anthem and delivers 10 mind blowing tracks that will keep you mesmerized with heart tugging messages, and music that speaks from the heart. – (Oct. 1, 2013)

“The tracks help you meditate on what love can mean…  with great acoustic guitar melodies.  Rating 4/5.” –AudioCred Music Blog (March, 2013)

“A moving artistic statement from start to finish…in a nutshell this is John Lennon meets John Mayer.” – This Is Vibes Magazine  (January, 2013)

“The work that he does could easily be called brilliant on so many levels…Our favorite song was “Toy Soldiers”, which tells the trying story of young boys sent off to war. Over all each of his songs are about life and living, they’re well thought and poetic…a monumental talent.” – Editorial Staff, Ben*E*Factor Magazine (August 26, 2012)

“One of the most emotionally charged, fantastically written, and well-executed EPs of 2012 J.J. Crowne’s new 5-song EP “Another Day Of Love” is a masterpiece. Socially and politically charged with meaningful lyrics, melodic tunes, and crafty songwriting throughout the EP are just some of the signature highlights to this amazing EP.  With each song, Crowne pours his heart and soul into his music and the payoff is BIG!” – Isaac Davis, Juniors Cave Online Magazine (Sept 6, 2012)

“TOO damn good!  The genuine spirit and pureness that J.J. Crowne displays in his songs and in his music is really second to none in my book…J.J. Crowne’s songwriting ability is poetically impeccable and his musical talent is undoubtedly impressive… a finished product that sounds effortless and flawless on all levels.” – Jimmy Rae, Skope Magazine (Sept. 20, 2012)

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Reviews about  J.J. Crowne’s first album in 2011…

“Selected 2011 CD Of The Year….Amazing songwriting, passionate vocal presence, and music that is straight from the heart J.J Crowne delivers via this impressive 12 song catalog. Songs of Innocence and Experience remains one of the best self produced productions I have ever heard. ”

– Cyrus Rhodes, Indie Music Digest (Jan 01, 2012)

” J.J. Crowne’s light rock/Americana tracks on ‘Songs Of Innocence and Experience’ breathe positive energy into a dim musical landscape… (the album) rightfully showcases the experience and musical magic J.J. Crowne possesses. Listeners who enjoy lighter rock, even Christian rock, will find something they enjoy on this album. The album garners a solid A. ”

– Melissa Kucirek, Suite 101 (Jan 22, 2012)

“A singer-songwriter for the 21st century, Crowne is bringing back the road-weary, scholar-of-life art of musical storytelling… transporting each chord and string-pluck into an emotive experience…a true troubadour… and we sit patiently and soak in as much as we can.”

– Mark Morton (Editorial Staff), (Dec 07, 2011)

“An enjoyable listen all the way through because of its laid-back & relaxed demeanor. Very easy-going and well written/well-played songs that can relate to many people… I can’t say enough about Crowne’s musical approach and his heavy emphasis on the art of storytelling… pleasant melodies, excellent musicianship, well-thoughtout lyrics and much, much more… J.J. Crowne is a real-deal music man… I would highly recommend ‘Songs Of Innocence And Experience’ to ANYONE!”

– Jimmy Rae, Skope Magazine (Jul 22, 2011)

“‘Toy Soldiers’ was a standout track for me…The production elements in Crowne’s work are exceptional… He has produced a batch of well-crafted songs on this release and the quality and passion is evident and sure to attract fans… Fans of light rock and easy listening as well as those who appreciate well-crafted, uplifting and inspirational tracks should take Crowne and his Songs of Innocence and Experience for a spin. (Rating: 8 out of 10 stars)”

– J.D. Stefan, Carlito’s Music Reviews Blog (Nov 27, 2011)

“Emotional impact and world class songwriting…a timeless musical journey…quality reminiscent of some of the musical legends of the 70’s…puts the production genius of Crowne front and center. ”

– Rory Richardson, (Sep 28, 2011)

“J.J. Crowne is the kind of artist I’d like to sit down with and get into the complexities of song-writing and composing. His combination of approach and experience is difficult to find. The New York born and Miami-based singer-songwriter does it all, playing and arranging all of his instrumentation, as well as singing all vocal portions of his songs.”

– Richie Frieman, PensEyeView (Jan 09, 2012)

“The music of J.J. Crowne could be best described as the Crash Test Dummies mixed with Tom Petty and Bob Dylan with a few guest appearances from David Bowie. The harmonies throughout are well written with lovely chord movements… good clean sounds with various influences. He was a finalist in both the Fall 2011 and Winter 2012 Indie Feature for Target Audience Magazine. ”

– Russell Eldridge, Target Audience Magazine (Dec 22, 2011)

“What the world needs – more J.J. Crowne… WOW, heartfelt & thoughtful musical prose.”

– D.J. ‘Uncle Earl’, KCLA FM, Los Angeles (Oct 06, 2011)

“Surely worth a listen, more than one…his music gets to you, slowly, step by step…with his passion and deep sensibility. Songs like “I Can Be The Wind” and “Toy Soldiers” show how gifted J.J. Crowne is. An uplifting journey through the soul and mind of an experienced songwriter.”

– Ivan Nossa, (Sep 28, 2011)

“An impressive debut by JJ Crowne – he has clearly mastered his craft…Perhaps the most poignant track is “Toy Soldiers”…If highly polished country-tinged pop music is your thing then this is the perfect CD to buy or download…Rating: 8 out of 10 stars.”

– Neil Thomas, Rock’ (Sep 26, 2011)

“Upbeat, funny, interesting, thought provoking, melodic, passionate & entertaining. Musical textures reminiscent of Classic Neil Young, Kenny Loggins, & even Keith Urban… Crowne is not trying to be some popish artist striving for mass appeal. He’s just being himself. The CD refuses to try to hard & that’s what makes it so amazing.. Very likeable, marketable record – amazing songs…clearly a premier talent.”

– Markus Druery, (Aug 04, 2011)

“What I heard put a smile on my face. It’s a nice easy flowing record that delivers solid songwriting with a nice rock feel. Crowne reminds me of a modern day Cat Stevens… I also like the passionate messages contained on the album.. overflowing with wisdom. It’s a record that gives us a fresh glimpse at an amazing artist. ”

– Michael Morrison, (Aug 03, 2011)

“J.J. Crowne’s debut CD is full of nicely written and well performed music…What stands out the most are his distinctive vocals… “Can you put music where heartache has been?” he says in (“I Can Be The Wind”). Well frankly, I believe that’s what he has done for the whole album, and it is music worth listening to.”

– Donny Harvey, Muzikreviews (Jun 23, 2011)

“If you really want to talk about songwriting talent, then you’ve got to discuss (J.J.’s) acoustic set…he can really write a lyric… songs were compelling, nicely woven tales of love, loss and Lennon. ”

– Leonard Pitts, The Miami Herald

“Selected ‘Featured Artist Of The Week’ – Sept. 26, 2011. We reviewed JJ’s album a few months ago and this puts how we feel about his music into proper perspective: There’s an exciting new voice in adult contemporary popular music…It was not hard to select him as our featured artist!”

– Keith Hannaleck, (Sep 25, 2011)

“Interview with J.J. Crowne — a soulful adult contemporary singer/songwriter from Miami, Florida with philosophical lyrics and inspired storytelling.”

– James, (Mar 05, 2012)

“Radio interview & feature on The Earnest Sound Of J.J. Crowne”

– Hosted by Brian Lush, (Dec 03, 2011)

“Radio interview on BlogTalkRadio’s Indie Florida Show”

– Hosted by Matthew Sydney, BlogTalkRadio – Indie Florida Show (Nov 30, 2011)

“Radio interview on Acoustic Roundtable’s Writers In The Round Radio Network… ‘I can’t believe he did all that himself!'”

– Hosted by Evan Luse, (Oct 16, 2011)

“Interview with 9-26-11: J.J. Crowne (aka The Eclectic One) dishes out plenty… a genuinely true singer/songwriter with pure talent & ambition and his words will inspire you…his music can be heard literally everywhere!”

– Jimmy Rae, (Sep 26, 2011)

“Interview with J.J. Crowne … a highly accomplished musician who is the epitome of the DIY artist. Meet JJ Crowne, an eloquent and energetic indie artist who makes music that captivates and entertains the masses. In this spotlight with this publication, the musician expounds on his musical journey. ”

– Isaac Davis, Jr., (Sep 25, 2011)

New Interview in VENTS Magazine – July 11, 2012